Wealth structuring

Group E directly addresses the wealth structuring needs of our clients through a comprehensive range of tools and vehicles – including trust and fiduciary.

Our seasoned experts collaborate with over 20 professional fiduciary companies globally to ensure that our clients receive the most impactful strategies, built on a core understanding of their individual, family and business situation and considerations. This allows for seamless execution services for offshore trust implementation, as well as trust assets injection, placement and documentation.

Our lead teams are backed by expert panels that include established banking, law, accounting and taxation firms across numerous jurisdictions.

Our Three-step Approach

Understand your Goals

What are your main concerns?

What does your family need?

Are you exploring charitable projects?

Understand your Assets

What is the current holding structure of your assets?

Financial or non-financial? In which country?

Analysis of your Situation/Needs

What is your tax status? Now and in the future

When do you want the beneficiary to receive the assets?

Would you like to make inter-generational provisions?

Our business

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